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By packaging delicious and nutritionally balanced food into small containers, we contribute to a healthy lifestyle that heals the soul and energizes the body, providing meals that will lead to a vibrant future for each of our customers. If great food is available to everyone, whenever they want to eat, they will be better able to enjoy the wonderful taste of freshly-made food anytime, anywhere, regardless of their age or lifestyle.

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"Bento" - Japan's Food Culture

"Bento" - Japan's Food Culture

Bento is an integral part of the food culture of Japan. For the Japanese, they represent not only convenient food that can be eaten on the go, but also traditions that have been cherished since ancient times. The history of bento can be traced back to the 1600s, where drawings show people in a rustic landscape taking a break from their farm chores to eat their bento. Later, people came to enjoy bento on various occasions such as "makunouchi bento" which they savoured as they watched kabuki performances, and "hanami bento," which they ate during the cherry blossom season. ln recent years, bento have proved to be a popular takeaway item for home parties, and a wide variety of bento exists for celebrating seasons and events in Japan.